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Charity Commission

Good News for Everyone formerly known as Gideons UK
We are aware that many people in Britain have never seen a Bible and may be uncertain what it is. Our aim is to give them the opportunity to read it for themselves, perhaps for the first time, and to discover God in a personal way.

Operation Mobilisation
OM has ten key areas by which we focus our work around the world and fulfil our mission. OM mobilises the Church to share the knowledge of Jesus and His love with every generation in every nation. OM pioneers and leads initiatives to redeem lives, rebuild communities and restore hope in over 110 countries.

Partnership UK
Partnership is a support network, to encourage and strengthen local churches. It does this through linking and training leaders, providing practical support to churches, producing publications, and organising national and area events.

We are recognised for our professional expertise in development, disaster response, disaster risk reduction and advocacy. This level of professionalism and expertise, matched with the enduring, sustainable effectiveness of the local church, is a powerful force in the face of poverty. We are committed to standards of conduct and good practice that ensure we are always accountable for the work we do. We are signatories to the Red Cross Code of Conduct and members of the Humanitarian Accountability Partnership.

Yeldall Christian Centres
Yeldall Manor provides residential rehabilitation for men with drug and/or alcohol addictions

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