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Thursday 1st August 201909:30Happy Feet
19:30Prayer Meeting
Sunday 4th August 201910:30Family Service
Tuesday 6th August 201910:00Family Play Session
Wednesday 7th August 201914:00Social - Movie
Thursday 8th August 201919:30Prayer Meeting
Sunday 11th August 201910:30Family Service
Wednesday 14th August 201914:00Social - Quiz Afternoon
Thursday 15th August 201919:30Prayer Meeting
Sunday 18th August 201910:30Family Service
Monday 19th August 201919:30Aglow
All women welcome for friendship, encouragement and healing (first meeting free, thereafter £5.00 on the door, refreshments served)
Tuesday 20th August 201910:00Family Play Session
Wednesday 21st August 201914:00Movie Afternoon
Thursday 22nd August 201919:30Prayer Meeting
Sunday 25th August 201910:30Family Service
Monday 26th August 201919:00Berkshire Beaders
If you like beading or would like to learn, why not join us.
Wednesday 28th August 201914:00Cream Tea
Thursday 29th August 201910:00Happy Feet
19:30Prayer Meeting
Friday 30th August 2019 Private Function
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