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Sunday 2nd February 202010:30Family Service
Monday 3rd February 202015:15Messey Church
Tuesday 4th February 202010:00Toddlers
Wednesday 5th February 202009:45Coffee Connect
Thursday 6th February 202010:00Happy Feet
19:30Prayer Meeting
Friday 7th February 202012:30Lunch Club
Sunday 9th February 202010:30Family Service Speaker Dave Long
If I'm saved do I need to do good works? I Peter 2:9-12
Tuesday 11th February 202010:00Toddlers
Wednesday 12th February 202010:00Coffee Morning Speaker Geraldine Witcher
Thursday 13th February 202019:30Prayer Meeting
Friday 14th February 202012:30Lunch Club
Sunday 16th February 202010:30Family Service Speaker Dominic Squibb
Where does faith come from? Titus 3:1-7
Monday 17th February 202019:00Aglow Encounter Meeting
Thursday 20th February 202019:30Prayer Meeting
Sunday 23rd February 202010:30Family Service Speaker Dominic Squibb
What do we believe about the Holy Spirit John 14:16-17
Tuesday 25th February 202010:00Toddlers
Wednesday 26th February 202010:00Coffee Morning Speaker Graham Challand
Thursday 27th February 202019:30Prayer Meeting
Friday 28th February 202012:30Lunch Club
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